2019 OMS National Team in Mission Viejo, CA

Allen Larson coached the OMS team at the 2019 USMS Summer Nationals in Mission Viejo, CA.  They won 1st place in the Regional Club category.

Allen Larson writes: “Probably not my last post but it will be my most informative. First I would like to say that if you love something enough and it will love you back. Swimming has been that for me. The photos are my evidence.

“Not included was my getting a Toyota V.I.P. parking pass, so I had a spot right at the entrance to the pool for my 2007 Camry.

“Next I thought this might be my first nationals ever that I did not medal. First swim 5 swimmers scratch to take away that stress.

“Going into this meet no one gave Oregon a chance of winning a banner. Not only did we get one, we got first. More than that we were 6th place OF ALL TEAMS. It was a team effort. Almost every Oregon swimmer scored points.

“Sure belittle our 1st in regional teams, as we were second largest in that category but 6th of all teams is incredible. The mighty 27, as I called them.

“What a great time I had hanging with the members in the team tent. The humor, the support and the respect for each other was inspiring.

“As I said when I accepted the honor of head coach for the Oregon team. I am honored and humbled to be the coach of this team.

“WOW. Sums up my thoughts the best.”

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