2018 Eel Lake Swim Recap

30 swimmers turned out for this year’s Eel Lake swims.  Eel Lake is a freshwater lake by the coast between Reedsport and Coos Bay, part of William Tugman State Park.  We had fine weather this year, and the water was warmer than normal, so that wetsuits weren’t necessary for a comfortable swim.  The water level was a little lower than normal, so cutting across the “point” wasn’t permitted as we have done in previous years.  We also came across some shallow seaweed beds that were a little startling at first, but were fine to swim through.

We had 2 events this year, the 3000 meter and the 1500 meter swims.  Michael Oxendine was the 3000 meters men’s winner, and Jayette Pettit took the women’s title.  Jayna Tomac and Matt Miller won the women’s and men’s 1500 meter races respectively.

The day was capped by a potluck dinner in the campground, courtesy of Dan Gray.  The food was delicious, and the stories told seem to get better each year.

Some of us didn’t get enough on Saturday, and we met again Sunday morning for an informal tour de Eel Lake.  Ed Ramsey took some pictures of this beautiful setting.

Thanks to Matt Miller, Mike Servant, Jayna Tomac, Ralph Mohr, all of our boat spotters, timers, and officials, our paramedic, and the Coast Guard crew that made this event possible.

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