At the annual OMS Board of Directors Retreat meeting on October 21, the Board voted to leave 2018 annual swimmer dues at the same level as 2017. Here is the approved 2018 annual registration fee schedule: Age Group USMS portion OMS portion Total Age 18-24 $43.00 $1.00 $44.00 Age 25-69 […]

No Increase in Total 2018 Annual Dues for Oregon Masters ...

This is a quick and healthy pre-meet meal.  Eat all you want.  You can increase the recipe according to your crock pot size.  Enjoy. Prep: 20 minutes Cook time: 6-8 hours on LOW Serves:6-8 Ingredients 4 cups potatoes, thinly sliced (use a mandoline for best results) 2-3 cups pizza toppings […]

Crock-pot Pizza Potatoes

Greetings Fellow Oregon Masters Swimmers, This was a great year for Oregon Masters Swimming.  On the National level, Oregon Masters received several singular awards. Speedo U.S. Masters Swimming Coach of the Year Award – Tim Waud The 2017 Speedo U. S. Masters Swimming Coach of the Year award was presented […]

Chair’s Corner – November 2017

Colette Crabbe - 1976 Olympian in the 400IM and 200 breast 2
Now you are back in the pool, committed to at least three times a week and you are thinking: “this is hard!!!.”  You are out of breath, fighting with the water and not moving very fast.  What is wrong?  Swimming is supposed to be easy and relaxing.  Now trust me, […]

Freestyle: Find your balance in the water

Tim Waud
Sculling is a great way to get a good feel for the water.  I first learned the art of sculling while swimming in college and I continue to use sculling as part of my warm-up.  This drill will also help you maintain better body balance and develop core strength. In […]


Jan Hildebrandt at the Roman baths in Bath, England 2
Jan D. Hildebrandt Age: 60 Occupation: Retired from 3M Local Team: Superior Athletic Club; Medford, OR It seems like water sports, and especially swimming, have always been a part of my life, due to starting swimming competitively at 4 years old.  Apparently, while taking swimming lessons at the local YWCA […]

Swimmer Spotlight – Jan Hildebrandt

Awards, Awards, Awards! Oregon Masters Swimming volunteers received very impressive recognition at the USMS Convention held in September in Dallas, Texas.  See page 9 for the Award winners and letters of recommendation.  Congratulations to each winner!  Their Awards are well-deserved. MJ Caswell received the Dorothy Donnelly Service Award Shelly Rawding […]

2017 USMS Convention News! — Awards, Awards, Awards!

      A Breaststroke Clinic Sunday, November 5, 2017; 8:30 am–12:30 pm in Oregon City, Oregon This Breaststroke clinic, offered by Oregon Masters Swimming coaches, will help fitness swimmers learn important swimming drills that will improve stroke technique.  Learn how to be efficient in the water and enjoy your swimming experience.  […]

A Breaststroke Clinic Hosted by Oregon Masters Swimming