Ralph Mohr
An interesting article on NPR talks about the difference between the perceptions of experts and novices when they do something like playing the piano or basketball.  Novices focus much more on the mechanics of an action, and experts focus on the whole picture, the piece or game to be played. […]

Easy Swimming

REMINDER          REMINDER          REMINDER          REMINDER Call for Nominations for Annual OMS Awards must be submitted by January 15, 2018 Every year we ask our members for nominees for the five OMS Awards described below.  This is your opportunity to give recognition to a worthy individual, organization, business or group that has […]

Reminder – Call for Nominations for Annual OMS Awards

World record — Mixed 320-359; 400 SCM freestyly relay Joy Ward, Margaret Toppel, Dave Radcliff, Willard Lamb
The winter pool season got off to a fast start at the 2017 Northwest Zone SCM Championships held November 11-12, in Hood River, Oregon.  Six world records and fourteen zone records fell as 86 swimmers from eleven clubs settled into a new season of competition. As usual, Willard Lamb led […]

Winter Pool Season Begins at Hood River

1500m free final heat results
Held annually the first weekend in December in southern California, the SPMS SCM Championship Meet normally draws quite a crowd and is one of the largest SCM meets in the nation.  This year, I believe it was the largest SCM meet.  Because of its size and depth of competition (and […]

Oregon Swimmers Shine at SPMS SCM Champs

Tim Waud
I would like to thank all the officials, coaches, volunteers, meet directors, race directors, safety directors, and swimmers for an amazing year of swimming and fellowship.  It’s a pleasure to work and swim with so many incredible people in the Oregon LMSC.  We have something very special here in Oregon […]

Greetings Fellow Masters Swimmers

Colette Crabbe - 1976 Olympian in the 400IM and 200 breast
When you will read this article, it will be January again and time for goals and resolutions.  One of the top resolutions has always been good health, especially as the result of exercise and proper nutrition.  Swimming for fitness is one of the best ways to a healthy exercise routine. […]

The Winter Fitness Challenge: a 30 minute swim

The concept of a swimming “drill” might sound foreign or intimidating, but the reality is that drills are useful, approachable exercises that focus on a particular aspect of a swim stroke and can be very helpful.  Whether it is teaching a new stroke or technique through a progression of drills, […]

More Drills, Please

Long Distance Swimming
What is the One-Hour Swim?  This event resolves the basic question of how far can you swim in one hour.  It’s the first USMS postal swim each year, done only during the months of January & February.  It’s the largest stand-alone participation event on the USMS calendar, as more than […]

Long Distance Swimming – December 2017