David Radcliff, Margaret Toppell, Janet Gettling, and Willard Lamb
Ninety Masters swimmers signed up for the Oregon City SCM meet the weekend of March 9 and 10.  Meet Director Tim Waud did an outstanding job of hosting this joint meet for USMS and USA swimmers.  For some, this meet allowed them to compete alongside their children albeit in different […]

More World Records at Oregon City

 Dr John McDougall, M.D. has published a free picture book on how to avoid becoming sick and fat.  The book incorporates traffic signals to describe what to do with a particular food or food group. After viewing this book, his 3 grandsons easily understood why people are fat and sick, […]

How to Cure It by Eating Beans, Corn, Pasta, Potatoes, ...

Colette Crabbe - 1976 Olympian in the 400IM and 200 breast
As a current avid swimmer, you probably do not remember when and how you learned how to swim, how hard or how easy it might have been.  The younger you were, usually the easier it was, as you had not yet completely developed the notion of fear and risk linked […]

April is Adult Learn to Swim Month: Save a life: ...

“Ultra Short Race Pace Training” (USRPT) is a swimmer’s application of the more general workout category you may have heard of called “High Intensity Interval Training” (HIIT).  I’ve been training with and curiously reading about USRPT since shortly after I starting swimming with USMS in 2013.  My experience is that […]

Testing the Waters of USRPT

Bob Bruce 2
With snow still thick on the ground as I write, it seems that we have a very long way until summer.  Yet it’s time to start planning for summer excitement and fun. For your planning, here’s the outline of the 2019 Oregon open water schedule.  Seven events all told.  Our […]

Long Distance Swimming – April 2019

David Hathaway and son Travis
David Hathaway, 58 Director of Finance (retired) House Remodeler (current) Local Team: Oregon Reign Masters (ORM) I started Masters swimming at age 45.  One of my coworkers recommended that I drop in for a practice at David Douglas High School, which was coached by Dennis Baker.  I’ve been on the […]

Swimmer Spotlight – David Hathaway

Mother and daughter one-hour ePostal swimmers, Heather Blair and Laraine Elsten, with Dennis Baker
I know the next ePostal swim event does not begin until May 15, but there are some things that new swimmers need to know about doing an ePostal swim.  We want you to be both mentally and physically prepared to participate. There are about 1000 members in OMS and many […]

All Things ePostal!

Michelle Macy
International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame Michelle Macy is to be an inductee (Honor Swimmer) into the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame in its Class of 2019. Michelle Macy has proven to have few limitations in marathon swimming in terms of distance and water temperature.  Michelle set the overall […]

Marvelous Michelle Macy

Leah Harris and Mike Oxendine before their 10K at the Amazon Pool.
Hello Swimmers, Oregon Masters Swimming (OMS) has completed a rental agreement for the 50-meter Amazon Pool in Eugene on Saturday, May 25th from 2pm to 6pm to give swimmers the opportunity to complete their 5K or 10K ePostal National Championship swim. We will have the entire Amazon pool for those […]

Confirmation of Amazon Pool Rental for 5K/10K ePostals