Tim Waud
Fartlek is a type of training where you do long, straight swimming interjected with random bursts of speed.  Some of you might also recognize this type of training with “speed play.”  Many of us maximize our fitness level with the energy systems: aerobic, anaerobic threshold, and sprinting.  During those long […]

Fartlek Training

Long Distance Swimming
Let’s chat about Fall Postal Swims.  As a coach, I always like to plan comprehensively, looking ahead to provide long-term benefits to my swimmers.  Here are three postal swims that you can use THIS FALL to help you prepare for future events, along with ways that I—always a coach—plan to […]

Long Distance Swimming – September 2017

Serena Johnson Age: 40 Occupation: CPA Local Team: LHST, Camas, WA Submitted by Arlene Delmage For Serena Johnson it seems that swimming has always been a part of her life.  Growing up in Hawaii on the Big Island, Serena started swimming when she was five years old on a community […]

Swimmer Spotlight – Serena Johnson

  My summer ended with a two week stay at Squaw Valley, located about half way between Lake Tahoe and Donner Lake in Northern California.  I try to get there in August as often as I can so I can get in some training in cold water at high altitude.  […]

Bliss and Disappointment

Along the Cascades Lakes Scenic Byway about 30 miles southwest of Bend, Elk Lake hosted the Cascade Lakes Swim Series and Festival for the 23rd year, directed by Bob Bruce, his wife, Barb, and the support of a slew of volunteers.  With the South Sister, also known as “Charity,” and […]

2017 Cascade Lakes Swim Series and Festival at Elk Lake

Tim Waud
Greetings Fellow Swimmers, As the Oregon Masters Swimming open water season comes to a close for 2017, it’s time to get really excited about 2018.  OMS will host three U. S. Masters Swimming Open Water National Championships during 2018 – which has been dubbed the “Oregon Swimcation.”  Swimmers can participate […]

Chair’s Corner – August 2017

Vicki Keith 1
Vicki Keith was described as an unlikely athlete, not apt to succeed in any sport.  In school she was last to be picked for teams.  No matter how this made her feel, she refused to accept the negative comments made about her abilities. Today, she is one of the most […]

Vicki Keith—Marathon butterfly swimmer

Colette Crabbe - 1976 Olympian in the 400IM and 200 breast 1
It is the end of summer.  It is time to reset your mind and your attitude to keep working on what should be your ultimate goal: to be fit and healthy. It is not a secret that health related diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disorders and various forms of […]

The Five Secrets of Steady Exercisers