Swim Bits

Ralph Mohr
Whiskeytown open water events have been canceled for this year. I’ve been in contact with the meet director and learned that he has lost a house and friends in the Carr fire. If you look on-line at CalFire you will see that the fire near Redding completely surrounded Whiskeytown Reservoir, […]

Whiskeytown Update

Ralph Mohr
It’s an old adage: “Don’t Quit.”  Easier said than done! However, an 80-year-old Ironman triathlete, John Holman, follows that notion.  His story can be found here: https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/2018/05/05/80-year-old-man-competing-ironman-dont-quit/583765002/ We have several older swimmers who fit that same notion, led, of course, by Willard Lamb and Dave Radcliff.  They still get on […]

Swim Bits – Don’t Quit

Ralph Mohr
An interesting article on NPR talks about the difference between the perceptions of experts and novices when they do something like playing the piano or basketball.  Novices focus much more on the mechanics of an action, and experts focus on the whole picture, the piece or game to be played. […]

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