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Frank Philipps and Uwe Britsch 6x4.5 1
submitted by Elke Asleson Western Oregon University/Adjunct Instructor Division of Health & Exercise Science Physical Education students earned extra credit for helping to time, observe and dialogue with swimmers competing at the Masters Association swim meet in Corvallis, Oregon in April, 2018. Their comments are summarized below…enjoy! I.         Were there […]

Masters Association Meet in Corvallis — Student Observations

Margaret Toppel
The Aqua Master Editor sincerely regrets errors in the Awards Booklet, the Awards Slide Presentation and in the May/June 2018, Aqua Master Awards section, and apologize to those individuals who were unintentionally left out, swimmers who were incorrectly listed, and for the confusion, it caused during the Awards Social.  New […]

Errors Corrected